Coach tackles challenge of first triathlon


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

READY TO RACE. Waiting for the second part of the race, Coach Britney Knicky’s bike waits.

Weekends are a time to relax. A time for teachers and students to sleep in, catch up on Netflix and maybe kick back on the sofa for some much needed time off.

But last weekend, Coach Brittany Knicky spent her weekend by swimming 300 meters, biking 14 miles and wrapping the fun up with a 2 mile run at the Kerrville Triathlon on Sept. 26th.  She finished with an overall time of one hour and 42 minutes. 

Knicky has a very busy schedule as she teaches, coaches and takes care of her daughter. Her dedication to the race shined through as she worked around her obstacles to make her goals possible.  

“It took a lot of hard work and dedication to work around my busy schedule,” Knicky said. “I would go home and workout as soon as school let out and then pick up my daughter, or I would have to wait until Coach Tim Knicky came back home from football.” 

Triathlons are not only hard on the body, but also mentally challenging. She had to overcome her mental challenges in order to meet her goals physically.  

“I kept telling myself to keep moving and not stop,” she said. “It will be over soon.” 

Every racer has hardships whether it’s during training or the race. Fighting through these challenges is the best way to success. 

“Training went very smoothly with no problems,” she said. “During the middle of the triathlon, however, I took off too fast during the swim, but I was able to get back in it during the bike ride and finish strong in the run.” 

Coach Knicky serves as an inspiration as she proves that anything can be accomplished as long as a goal is set. 

“So proud to call this lady my wife,” Tim Knicky said. “Works hard to be the best wife, mom, teacher and coach she can be and she throws in completing her first triathlon in the mix. What a stud!”

After a successful first race, Knicky hopes to continue to compete in more races. She is already setting goals for the future. 

“I am going to be training for my next race once sports come to an end,” she said. “I should be ready to compete next summer.”

As a life-long athlete, competition is just part of Knicky’s life.

“I’ve loved competing since I was little, and ever since I stopped pole vaulting and competing in Crossfit, I’ve missed out on the thrill of training and competing in competitions,” Knicky said. “It made me feel like an athlete again.”