Robotics team creates plan for ‘Freight Frenzy’


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

READY FOR ROBOTICS. At freshman parent night, junior James Rogers and senior Kendall Cobb set up to recruit possible new members.

From base-links, to cartesian manipulators and the basic dynamics of building, the robotics team is adapting and creating their way to new knowledge and success. 

The robotics team is starting off the school year with new fun and exciting ways to better their skills in different areas. 

“This year our challenge is called Freight Frenzy, so we have to move what are called ‘shipping elements’ from one half of the field to another,” senior Kendall Cobb said. “We are awarded points based on how many items we can place in different areas, so a shipping element that was delivered to the lower level of the ‘shipping hub’ gives us two points, while something dropped on the higher level is worth six points. The game only lasts about three minutes, so it is important that we are strategic in our gameplay.”

Along with bright and new ideas, the robotics team is bringing back pieces from last year to create a better base in and out of the ring. 

“This year will be easier because we are dropping items rather than firing them,” junior James Rogers said. “I like the inclusion of different terrains, and how they are bringing back old game elements. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.” 

Assembling the robotics team with different obstacles from past events will further persevere their skills. 

“This is the first time we’ve seen returning elements and challenges we have done in the past,” junior Javier Banda said. 

As they prepare for this year’s competition, the robotics team faces new challenges.

“We have a lot of new people and most of them don’t know anything about CAD or Solid Works, so we will have a teaching from the ground up,” Rogers said. “I was the only member of CAD last year and it was very difficult to keep up with, so having more people will be helpful.”

Former students involved in robotics help train newcomers with their skills.

“Last year in the building I would be working on something and then I would come back and it would be gone, so I am hoping for better communication,” sophomore Maddox Whitehead said.

With new programming software in the robotics lab, both former and new students have to adapt to the new and increased workload.

“We were introduced to a new software for programming this year, so it will be a little hard to get used to,” Banda said. “Before this year we didn’t program as much, so I am still somewhat inexperienced. Last year we did a lot of trial and error, so in autonomous we had to reprogram a lot. Getting to a place of consistency is sometimes hard.” 

Compared to online learning last year, the robotics team is thrilled to be hosting in-person meetings this year.

“Everything was online last year due to COVID, so we’re super excited to be able to host in-person meets this year,” senior Kendall Cobb said. “Meet days are usually pretty fun here because there are like fifteen other schools here, so we get to talk to new people and share ideas.”