Squid Game takes number one spot on Netflix


NETFLIX HIT. Squid Games hit Netflix this week and is ranked number one.

Recently Korean media has risen to new heights, with award winning movies (such as the Academy Award winning film Parasite) and music (like the boy band BTS) gaining prominence across the globe. Squid Game, the #1 show on Netflix is no exception.

Squid Game follows Seong Gi-hun (Greg Chun), a man in serious debt, as he plays a series of games for a grand prize. Everything is not how it seems however, as the mysterious organization running the games has a few life threatening surprises in store. The actors in this show give amazing performances and, though the emotions may seem a bit exaggerated at first, the impact they have on the viewer truly is spectacular. Keep in mind, however, that Squid Game is quite graphic, with realistic depictions of blood, gore, and other mature themes. If you can move past these graphic elements however, Squid Game comments on society, amazing story telling, and brilliant execution make it truly a sight to behold.

Squid Game can be watched in its original Korean language with subtitles and has an English dub available. It is available for streaming on Netflix.