Hispanic culture, contributions need more than one month


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National Hispanic Heritage month actually spans over two months. It is from September 15 to October 15 and

For 53 years, from September 15 to October 15, the United States celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month. The celebration of hispanic culture is important to many people, especially in states as diverse as Texas. Over the years, it has evolved from just a week of observance made by President Lyndon B. Johnson to a full month of celebration of hispanic culture, innovation, and success.

Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t just for those with Hispanic backgrounds but should be celebrated by all people.

Though some might say that Hispanic Heritage Month is just another month, it’s important to take a step back and look at all the incredible things that Hispanic culture has given America. Whether it’s noticed or not, many of the things taken for granted today were created by Hispanics. Things like colored TV, wireless phones, and contraceptive pills were all made possible because of Hispanic inventors. 

With more than one-sixth of the United States’ population identifying as Hispanic, it would be easy to say that Hispanic heritage has a heavy influence on American culture. From foods like tacos, enchiladas, and tamales to cartoon characters like Speedy Gonzales, Dora the Explorer, and Handy Manny, and even a large number of American cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Antonio, Hispanic culture is well integrated into American society.

Hispanic Heritage month has grown significantly with many large celebrations happening across the country. In Houston, there are celebrations taking place multiple times a week throughout the month. New York City holds celebrations including plays, concerts, art exhibits, and parades yearly.

Whether they are Hispanic or not, people across the country should still take time to appreciate Hispanic culture and everything it has to offer.

Go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, go to a parade, listen Hispanic artists or indulge in Hispanic literature. Whatever it is, make it a point to celebrate Hispanic heritage this month.