Anything but a Backpack Day proves fun, hilarious for students

Spirit day kicks off month full of dress up opportunities

Microwaves, wagons and cereal boxes took the place of backpacks and bags on Anything but a Backpack Day. Students showed their school spirit by bringing anything but a backpack to store their supplies on Oct. 1.

This is just the first of many dress up days for the month of October. The month also includes Pink Out Day supporting breast cancer awareness, homecoming week and Red Ribbon Week. 

“I love participating in the school spirit dress up days,” sophomore Alexis Wachner said. “I always have felt that doing so makes the school’s vibe way better. Showing spirit is really important.”

School spirit activities seem to bring a lot of students together and make them want to be involved more often than not.

“I would say that I participate in the school spirit activities very often,” senior Bailey Box said. “Usually if I do not dress up it’s because I forgot to do it in the morning or i dont have the means to do so.”

 A handful of students think that school spirit is one of the most important things on campus.

“I always participate in events like these,” senior Cole Arnold said. “School spirit is the most important aspect at any school. I also feel obligated because I’m the Student Council President.”

Students would like to see other events like the Anything but a Backpack event be implemented into the school.

“I think they should have way more dress up weeks,” sophomore Montserrat Medina said.  “I love the pep rallies that the dressing up leads to as well.”

Students brought items other than backpacks of all shapes and sizes.

“I decided to bring a trash can I found in the locker room,” junior Jolie Boyd said. “All the other students kept putting their garbage in it, and it was really frustrating. However, I Still loved it.”

In all, being a student at Willis brings a lot of fun to the table when it comes to school spirit.

“There is a lot of spirit here at Willis and it’s extremely inviting as a newcomer,” freshman Malachi Laurence said. “I love that they involve every grade in spirit week and I loved Anything but a Backpack day.”