Food bank offers help for students


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

HELP IS HERE. The school has a food pantry available to help students. Filling out a quick Google form is the first step to getting assistance.

In an ideal world, everyone’s refrigerators and pantries would be full of food with the ability to access it on demand. However, the world is not perfect and food is not guaranteed or expected for everyone. Food security is the measure of the availability of food and individuals’ ability to access it. The world is not perfect and every student’s access to food is different. As a result of this reality, the Willis High School Food Bank exists. 

The food pantry is now open and accepting requests from any student or faculty member. Food can be obtained by simply filling out a form.

“A Google form can be found on the WHS counselors page to request any food that is currently available,” counselor Tricia Neumann said. “The menu of items is adjusted regularly depending on the stock of certain items.”

Food is distributed quickly after receiving the form, and there is no limit on the amount that can be requested. 

“Students are allowed to order as much food as they want,” Neumann said. “Some request food on a weekly basis. Requests are accepted in one to two days.” 

Financial situations are not always the defining factor. A student does not have to qualify to access this service.

“The Willis High School Food bank is open to any faculty or student regardless of free or reduced lunch status,” Neumann said. 

Staff and students team up to provide for the school.

“I have been assisting the Montgomery County Food Bank to pick up food,” secretary Jennifer Bell said. “JROTC cadets assist with carrying 400-600 pounds of food per month.” 

It is an important service project to members of the organization.

“The hard work moving boxes of food to the food bank is rewarding because of all the people it helps,” junior Abigail Willard said. 

Students’ fears can be eased because the process is one hundred percent anonymous.

“All requests are confidential and kept within the counseling staff,” Neumann said.

Food security and peace of mind is the number one priority of the food pantry. 

“The goal of the food bank is to provide a resource to students and faculty to ensure that their needs are being met in order to give them the opportunity to be the best students and staff possible,” Neumann said.