Kats head to district with momentum


photo or infographic by Stephanie Keele

GO KATS. Celebrating during the Houston Bellaire game, senior Tallas Harrison faces the stands. The victory was the first for the Kats this season.

As the clock hit zero, the Willis fans erupted into cheers. The victory against Klein Collins solidified a three-game winning streak and proved that it was not luck or chance but hard work and talent securing the wins for team. 

As district opens Thursday night, the Wildkats will face The Woodlands High School Highlanders, and the team will enter the stadium on a winning streak with plans to make it to the play-offs once again. 

Before the season even started, the players have worked hard to refine their skills and talents. The hours and hours of practice, training and team building have paid off. 

“It’s all worth it,” defensive coordinator Timothy Knicky said. “That is the great part of it. It’s cool because we get an extra couple of wins and it makes up for the hours in it.”

Some players, like sophomore quarterback DJ Lagway, have been in the the spotlight on them these few games. With this recent attention comes benefits like college offers, but also comes with more pressure to perform.

“I feel blessed,” Lagway said. “There is no stressing just blessing because a lot of people wish to be in my position but aren’t so I thank God everyday for these great opportunities He gives me.”

The three recent games have given new energy to the team and promises good things for the district games.

“I think it’s a bright future for Willis football, and I think that if we try hard and do what we need to we can go far,” senior Xzavier Ross said.

With the recent wins behind them and district in front of them, the Willis Wildkat football team are pushing forward with victory in mind.

“I’m excited about our future,” Wall said.  “I think that we got a bunch of kids that are seeing some success. I hope it makes them want to try harder to go out and win some games and get us into the playoffs. I look forward to seeing how far we can take this thing. I’m definitely excited about our chances this year.”