New club pushes creativity


photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman

MAKING PLANS. At a meeting during the academy, junior Toby Vance works with members of the class.

Style, creativity, artwork and beauty is what the new Fashion Club brings to other students, providing a place to express themselves into something that makes a statement. 

The Fashion Club brings bright and new ideas to anyone that’s dedicated to expressing different styles of fashion. The new club meets in the CTE building during academy time. They are working on having meeting on a daily basis.

“I like to bring new ways to design clothes,” sophomore Leah Reyes said. “I add different ways to add to older clothes as well. I thought it would be a good idea to get into new fashion and be taught how to style my own clothes.” 

Seeing two steps ahead and preparing for future plans and achievements is something that members of the Fashion Club are already talking about. 

“The end of the year project is where we want to do a pair of patchwork pants,” junior Graves Young said. “Everyone gets to have a patch of their style and sew them all together.” 

FASHION FORWARD. Wearing pants she styled herself, sophomore Leah Reyes attends the new Fashion Club meeting. (photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman)

A club made by students that allows people to express their creativity and share their ideas is the space that the Fashion Club provides. 

“This is a place where people can express themselves and give their opinion on what they think about fashion,” sophomore Joshua Alcantara said. “Allowing people to be as creative as they can be for their sense of style in fashion.” 

Lending a helping hand to the people that want to share their own ideas and express themselves in their own style is the goal of these devoted members of the Fashion Club.

“This is meant for us to start making clothing and teaching everyone else how to,” junior Toby Vance said. “Both inside of class and outside of class, we want to raise money for the Fashion Club. Everyone thinks of different ideas towards fashion, so right now we’re coming up with our own ideas.”