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LOL. Many of the most popular emojis convey strong emotion. The top emoji is the face with the tears of joy.

by Hannah Hartman, VOW staff

The way people perceive others in real life is based on their facial expressions and the tone of their voice, but when they’re messaging most people can’t tell the difference between sarcastic and genuine messages. However, emojis sent with those messages lets people know the intended way the message should be perceived by the other. 

According to emojiguide.com the most popular emoji is the face with the tears of joy. This is followed by the red heart, smiling face with smiling eyes, rolling on the floor laughing and folded hands. The website ranked 101 of the most popular emojis, with 101 being the thinking face. 

“My most used emoji is the sparkle,” junior Vivienne McConnell-Tatsch said. “I use it to put an emphasis on jokes or sarcasm that I send to my friends. However, my favorite emoji is the little duckling that’s poking its head out of an egg because of how adorable it is.” 

Different emojis have different reasons behind becoming someone’s favorite. It all depends on the back story and the feeling connected to it. 

“My favorite emoji is the one crying really hard,” freshman Addison Bennett said. “I use it when something is funny because usually when I find something funny I always laugh until I cry.” 

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Not everyone has to use emojis in every message that they send for the other person to understand. 

“My most used emoji is the sarcastic eye roll,” sophomore Kaley Haul said. “I use this emoji maybe once in every conversation I have with someone, but I don’t overload my messages with thousands of emojis.” 

Moving from the top of the emoji list to the bottom, the least favorite emojis should have some interesting stories behind them. 

“My favorite emojis are the skull, frog, laughing face, dolphin and the slap on the head,” junior Sumer Gunaratne said. “They’re my favorite because sometimes people are just a little dumb and they’re actually pretty useful in certain situations because I laugh a lot and these emojis represent that from me.”