Small town cowboy inspires others to dream big


photo or infographic by photo via Cody Johnson under Fair Use

DREAM BIG. Cody Johnson’s new album and a documentary on his life and career were released Oct. 8.

From young love to growing old, Cody Johnson’s new album has it all. On October 8th, COJO published his new 18-track album, “Human: the Double Album.” He was inspired by real life experiences when collaborating with other artists to make a heartfelt album that will move fans. 

Cody Johnson serves as an inspiration for small town kids with big dreams. 

Growing up in the small town of Huntsville, COJO lived the life of a cowboy behind the chute at the rodeo before singing in front of thousands of people. As a teenager, he competed in bull riding competitions. This country lifestyle inspired Johnson to be a singer. Only 30 miles away, he started his career playing with his band at Shenanigan’s for the first time in 2006. Staying true to his country roots, he published a number one hit album, “Ain’t Got Nothin,” in 2019. Just months later, he made history as he became the first unsigned artist to have a sold-out crowd at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo in 2019. He is continuing his rodeo fame in February next year. 

COJO is back in action as he released his new album. A variety of old stars like Matt Rogers help collaborate with COJO to write heartfelt songs like “Til You Can’t” that bring reality into the sound of country music. “Til You Can’t” helps encourage fans to always live in the moment with loved ones just like Johnson did with his wife in the near death experience they faced. He also reflects on his high school years in the song “Let’s Build a Fire” when he looks back at the chaotic and fun atmosphere of a typical high school Friday night lights. From talking to the man in the moon about love in “I Don’t Know a Thing About Love” to depicting his idea of heaven in “Driveway”, COJO’s new album helps bring love, hopes, and the future into country music, which makes him unique compared to other artists. 

Along with his album, he got a chance to be on the TV screens around the world. Apple TV released “Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story” documentary the same day his new album dropped. With special guest appearances from Reba McEntire and Chris Kyle’s widowed wife, the documentary gives insight into not just COJO’s life, but also how he has impacted the country genre as a whole. From sold-out concerts to inspiring others with his story, COJO is one of the most influential modern country artists as he encourages others to go for their dreams no matter where they started.