FFA officers head to national convention


photo or infographic by Kally Evans

FFA OFFICERS. Members of the officer team are attending the FFA National Convention today.

by Julian Pelayo, VOW staff

As students and teachers start class Wednesday morning, some members of FFA will be spending their morning in security lines and boarding an airplane at Bush Intercontinental Airport headed to Indiana for the 94th National FFA Convention. 

“I’m so excited to be attending the national FFA convention this year in Indianapolis,” senior Jenna Dempsey said. “Traveling out of state with my awesome FFA friends will be perfect for making lifelong friends and memories.”

The members will meet new people and other FFA members from all over the nation. The theme for the event is For the future. For all. 

“I’m excited to go and meet some people from other states.” junior Briley Tucker said “I look forward to getting to explore Indianapolis.”

The group includes FFA sponsor Amanda Traylor, AP Janessa Dutton and officers of the club. According to the FFA website the convention is about leadership. their goal is to grow leaders and show them how they can change their communities and the world. 

“I am most looking forward to meeting new people, seeing members from across all 50 states,” Dempsey said. “We are all there for the same purpose, and all have so much in common, I just can’t wait to meet some new friends. 

All of the officers of FFA have never been to a convention except for Dempsey. 

“Everyone on the officer team, with the exception of myself, has never attended a convention,” Dempsey said. “ I was lucky enough to go to a state convention in 2019. Nobody has been to nationals before so we are all going out of our comfort zone and are ready to have some fun.”

Attending the convention is a big part of the trip, but the journey is also an exciting part. 

“This is actually not my first time flying,” Dempsey said.”Being at the airport and flying is one of my favorite parts of the trip, I am not nervous at all and I’m 100% prepared.”

For other members, the trip will be their first experience in the air. It will just be the first part of  great convention experience.

“This will be my first time flying, but I trust that I won’t die so I’m not nervous,” Tucker said. “We hope to meet people from every state/province, and it will be the first time we have been to a national convention since I’ve been a member.”