NHS holds induction ceremony focusing on scholarship, leadership, character, service

Scholarship, leadership, character and service.  These are the four tenets that define the young men and women included in the National Honor Society Initiation on October 25 in the Performing Arts Center. 

“You can see the amount of young men and women we have tonight,” AP John Patterson said. “That is a testament to our community and school.” 

Furthering their lives as members of this organization  is a testament of the respect and integrity in these students 

“I think that the NHS is all about respect for students who want to make it further in college and be successful with their career that they’re going to receive,” junior Janice Talley said. “That allows them to get there so it assists their success.”

Representing what the school is meant to be about has shown within these bright young students taking their next steps towards success. 

“I realized that I wanted to be in the NHS because I was in NEHS and NJHS and it was a great organization to be a part of,” junior Lauren Hues said. “I will never forget getting handed my certificate after walking across the stage during the ceremony, and getting to celebrate and take pictures with all of my friends who were also being inducted.” 

Celebrating this new accomplishment with friends and loved ones is something that makes initiation night even more remarkable. 

“NHS is about the four pillars; service, character, leadership and scholarship,” junior Zachary Jennings said. “I was honored to become a member of NHS and getting to walk across the stage and see my dad out in the crowd, I haven’t been able to see him in a couple months so it was really amazing to see him.” 

Along with the induction ceremony being a place to get represented and acknowledged, getting to spend this important night with other friends getting inducted is truly something worthwhile. 

“I realized I wanted to be in the NHS because of previously being in groups like it,” junior Lainey Niederhofer said. “I felt so achieved and honored walking across that stage to shake Mrs. Mitchell’s hand, and knowing that I’m a part of an organization that not only focuses on making students better people, but I get to experience it with my best friends.” 

Becoming a part of something greater is what brings students together to make a difference in their community and compete alongside each other. 

“Being the competitive person I am, I wanted to join this organization because my brother was also a member,” junior Nicole Hathaway said. “However, NHS is about showing important qualities necessary to be a successful member of society, becoming an example for other students, and representing the school.”

Knowing the responsibilities that come along with joining such a grand organization will further encourage not only the members of the NHS, but the students that these members are here to represent and help through their time in high school. 

“National Honor Society is a place where you hold yourself accountable in your athletic and academic responsibilities while being a leader to others to encourage them to better themselves through the same characteristics,” senior Faith Miner said. “The reason I joined the NHS was because of what the organization stands for and how it can help with college applications.”

For the officers, the night was a time to lead such a prestigious evening. Last year they were in the audience being inducted and this year they were the ones in charge of the evening.

“This year was exciting because I was able to speak in front of the inductees and their parents on the importance of having character in everything that we do,” historian senior Brenan Mansker said. “It was great to step out of my comfort zone and speak to a larger number of people than I am accustomed to. I really enjoyed the pillars of NHS being described. These detail exactly what type of people join the program and solidified my choice to participate in such a role.”