Game against Conroe creates ‘Battle of 45’ rivalry


photo or infographic by Amber Brumlow

BATTLE OF 45. Student council is selling Battle of 45 shirts this week during lunch.

by Emma Lowe, VOW staff

Field goals. Touchdowns. School spirit. The excitement builds up between Willis and Conroe as the Battle of 45 draws near.

The Wildkats will face the Conroe Tigers this Friday at Berton A. Yates Stadium. The two schools have always been close by distance wise, but the rivalry has grown since they are both now 6A and in the same district. It will be even more competitive since both schools are working for a play-off berth. 

“The game against Willis and Conroe is gonna be good because of how competitive our schools are,” junior Payton Young said. “There is always some sort of trash talk going on, and I think it will be fun to see how the game plays out and who wins.”

Although there is a lot of tension, the students have fun cheering and supporting their team.

“I’ll be taking off work to watch the game,” senior Blake Alexander said. “I’m super excited to go. Since we’re going against one of our rivals, I already know the game is gonna be intense and that the student section is gonna be hype.”

In addition to the school spirit building up for the game, seniors are looking forward to senior night, a night where they are recognized and celebrated.

“I think it’ll be a good game because both Willis and Conroe are competitive this year,” senior Jack Wiebe said. “There will actually be some good plays between both teams. It’ll also be fun to see everyone who tried to get some sort of award at senior night.”

Students from the rival school express their excitement towards the game, having high hopes in the school spirit that will be created.

“I think it will be a great game because it will increase the involvement within our schools, making both more kids and communities come to watch the teams,” said senior Emma Kuempel.

Something new this year is the Battle of 45 shirts being sold by the student councils of both schools. The shirts will be on sale November 1 – 4 in all lunches in the main building. All proceeds of this fundraiser will go to the Willis Resource Center that helps Wildkat families in need. 

“I’m excited for the football game between Conroe and Willis because I know that both of our schools are super competitive against each other, especially since we are rivals,” junior Emily Baldrige said.