Band performs ‘Meditation of the Lotus Flower’ for area competition

As the sun rises, the band takes the field. The cold air freezes breath and instruments. While they prepare to take the field, only one thing is on their minds, making it to finals.

After winning sweepstakes and advancing from the region competition, the band was set to make a splash at area competition. 

After their performance, the students, as well as a few of their competitors and old friends, felt the band had given it their all and produced an excellent show.

“I felt really great. I think a lot of people including myself thought that that was our best performance yet,” senior Ian Conatser said. “As I was walking off the field, I thought, ‘If that was our last performance, I would be content with that’.”

There were a few sad faces when the results were announced, but many students believed that the results were accurate and were a good representation of all their hard work.

“There were a lot of bands there with a lot more people, and a lot more funding,” senior Josh Brookshire said. “I’m okay with how we did.”

With marching season coming to an end and concert season on the horizon, many students are excited for what’s to come.

“Marching season was pretty stressful,” sophomore Jadyn Lightfoot said. “I’m excited for jazz band. It’s really the only thing that’s keeping me going right now.”

Over the years, many band students have learned that being in band isn’t just about honing your craft and expressing yourself but also learning important life lessons.

“From learning how to be a good role model to the school and helping other people to caring for others, and a lot of other skills that I never thought I would have, it’s really taught me a lot,” junior Joelly Valejo said.