World Series experience comes with hefty price tag


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

The World Series game 7 starts tonight at 7:09 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

As the father boots up his laptop, thoughts of the joy that would cross his son’s face as he told him about the World Series tickets he bought fill his head. These dreams of a night at Minute Maid park are dashed by the price tag: $500 per ticket for the cheap seats at the very top of The Juice Box.

The question quickly shifted from whether he wanted to buy his son these tickets or buy next week’s groceries. The once-in-a-lifetime experience could spiral the family into bankruptcy. 

Game five of the World Series is tonight, and tickets for the games are in high demand, thus making the tickets near impossible to get. At the time of writing, the cheapest tickets available range from $400-$500 each.

If a super fan is thinking about watching the Astros and the Braves from the Club Diamond seats, the prices are $9830 each. Add between $50 and $100 to park, and the night could cost close to $20,000 for tickets and parking before a fan even buys a hotdog and some popcorn. 

“I think the tickets are a little overpriced,” sophomore Caleb Fletcher said. “I would spend my money on something else.”

Even though the tickets are extremely expensive, the experience alone is worth the money for some students.

“I think it’s worth it because it’s in our hometown,” sophomore Hunter May said. “Though I would rather watch it on TV.”

With the tickets come some additional perks and souvenirs, with one rather strange example being a Astros towel. For senior Aiden Carter who attended game two, the experience was worth the steep price tag.

“I got my tickets on SeatGeek, a ticket vendor,” junior Adin Carter said. “The tickets cost $1,700. The atmosphere at the game was electric. They gave out free towels whenever you walked in the door, so everyone had a towel whenever something cool happened you’d wave it. For $1700 it’s a pretty nice towel.”