Students enjoy ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ as homecoming dance theme

As the evening approaches, the girls put on their sparkly and silky dresses while making sure their hair is perfectly in place and their makeup is just right. The guys put on their button ups and make sure their tie is perfect and straight before the night full of dancing. Next they head off to dinner and picture, a tradition that most students participate in before making their way to the school. When they arrive, the lights and music blasting and the students begin to make memories with one another that will last them a lifetime.

Saturday October 23rd was the Homecoming Dance. It was held in the high school cafeteria from 7PM-11PM.

As students walked in the front entrance of the school, they were impressed by the amount of work put into decorating the school. The foyer looked like the inside of a circus tent and twinkling lights hung from the ceiling.

“I thought the dance was super fun and loud,” freshman Laurel Hall said. “The dance met my expectations. Honestly I thought it was going to be pretty lame, but it was actually pretty cool. I made so many memories and made new friends. I can’t wait for next year’s dance.”

The dance gave students the opportunity to have fun and make memories with the people that they are closest to.

“My favorite part of the dance was the people that I was hanging out with,” junior Hunter Seay said. “I really enjoyed my time there. I loved being able to go with lifelong friends.”

The dance surpassed the expectations of several students, even for students visiting the school from other countries.

“As a foreign exchange student I really enjoyed it,” junior Paula Perez said. “Homecoming was better than I originally thought it would be. I thought the decorations looked really nice and the music was good too. My favorite part of the night was when they were playing Latin music.

Although the students enjoyed the music and the dancing, some of them wished that the school had prepared for the event differently.

“The set up was definitely really good and the DJ was pretty legit,” said senior Trenton Hewitt. “It was overall just a really fun night with the dancing and lights. It just had a certain vibe. I had a lot of fun at the dance, but I wish there was more food, especially after paying for a thirty-dollar ticket.”

The dance was a bittersweet moment for some seniors, but it was a memorable experience that they will never forget.

“I had a lot of fun at the dance,” senior Kendall Cobb said. “It was my last homecoming, so it was fun getting to hang out with my friends like that one last time. The people I went with this year made the dance much more fun, although I think the music at the last dance was more exciting.”