Discontinued academy restricts students from reaching full academic potential


photo or infographic by Rosalyn Gutierrez

CRUNCH TIME. Academy is taken away due to irresponsible students, but at the same time restrict others from reaching their full academic potential.

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff

She misses a week of school while the piles of missed tests and work that await threaten to overwhelm her, but a hero lies in wait to rescue her from drowning in schoolwork. Her hope for sleep-filled nights is academy, a place she can go take tests and finish homework as she needs. The day she goes back to school, though, she realizes that her expectations only existed in her dreams on peaceful, ignorant nights. Recently, students have lost academy time and many are suffering because of it.

Academy should not be taken from students because it allows them to catch up on work or get tutoring.

When a student is absent, it is expected that the student does the work they missed on their own time. If a student missed a whole day, they then have to make up work for four classes, and they have to stay on track with the rest of the class in addition to homework. Academy has always been a time students have to get the work they missed done to avoid all the work piling up on them. The main purpose of academy has always been to give students the extra time they need to finish homework or makeup work they missed. Most students even prefer to use this time to get ahead on work they know is due, such as projects and future homework. Academy time allows students to have enough time in their day to get everything done for school and gives them the opportunity to get ahead.

Grades are the most important thing to a high school student. If a student fails their classes, they do not graduate. If a student does not pass their classes, they don’t graduate. Basically, the need to have their grade above a 70 will consume their mind and become the sole purpose of existence for four years. Their entire day, world and even life revolves around doing schoolwork, studying, and making sure they do well in school. If a student begins to fall behind and fail a class, they would count on their precious academy time to go to their teacher and get back on track. The academy time students are given is a valuable part of their day that makes the difference between passing or failing. Some might say that there are students that don’t follow the rules set for academy time and take advantage of that time just to roam around, but to deny every student extra time to get the help they need is denying them the opportunity to achieve academic growth and success.

Students need to show they appreciate academy time by going to their assigned class and following the rules so that the administrators and teachers can regain their confidence in the student body and make a plan for academy time to come back. Students need academy time so that they can get the help they need to pass a class and finish the work they missed.