Haunted house shows off talent of technical theater students


photo or infographic by Stephanie Keele

SPOOKY. Members of the drama department hosted a haunted house the Friday before Halloween.

by Stephanie Keele, VOW Multimedia editor

The lights are flashing. An old tricycle is squeaking as it comes out around the corner. Screaming is heard in the distance. Teenagers cling onto each other’s arms in fear as they walk through the dark spooky hallway. By the end of it all, smiles are on faces and laughter echoes through the hall as people head towards the exit. 

Theater Tech held a haunted house, Friday, Oct. 29. Students used their new skills to help make the production come to life. After a successful night, the program is looking to make an impression in the future and bring a “spectacle” to the theater. 

“The point of the haunted house was to show what we can do with what we have and bring imagination to what we will accomplish once we grow,” theater tech teacher Seth Ramsey said. “This was our first and most basic showcase of our program so if you thought that it was impressive, just wait.” 

Students were not the only ones impressed with the hard work of the theater kids. AP James Patterson took his 3-year-old daughter to the event.

“My daughter went into the whole thing wide eyes and mouth open, taking it all in,” Patterson said. “All of the sights and sounds stayed with her as the haunted house is all she talked about over the weekend.” 

Those who worked the haunted house were amazed by the amount of people that attended. 

“When I was working the door, it was stressful at times because this was the most people I had to organize before,” senior Timothy Brown said. “I didn’t expect to have 135 people come through the haunted house.” 

Working behind the scenes of the haunted house brought a whole lot of laughter.  

“Seeing everyone’s reactions made it even more worthwhile,” junior Addison Williams said. “After every group, we would convene and share our favourite scream or phrase said during the tour.” 

Screaming at every crack, bump and turn. Some students found going through the haunted house with humorous intentions made the experience. 

“It doesn’t really have to be scary for it to be fun,” junior Reid Henderson said. “It is all in what you make of it.”