OPINION: Every student deserves Wildkat title


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

NAME GAME. Each student deserves the Wildkat title. It is time to drop the Lady from female team names.

Out-of-breath lungs, ripped vocal cords and linked pinkies. The student section sings the school song after a football game and ends with “Wildkats never die.”  But, the title of “Wildkats” is only reaching out to the males of the school. Since the school opened 115 years ago, the men’s athletic department, and all the male athletes have been awarded the title of Wildkats. As the school added females athletic teams, they were named the Ladykats.

It is time to drop the lady and give all athletes the Wildkat name.

Most posters that have been put up in the school hallways are subjected to the description of “Let’s go Wildkats.” Because of the title given to females, this only applies to all the men of the school. The female athletes deserve the same recognition and support as the male teams. The name Ladykats has a connotation value that tears down the meaning of being a female student.  This title makes the girls of Willis seem weak and feels as if they are being put in a corner. Females are being trapped in a name, only because they play a sport. Being a Wildkat means showing up to school, having school spirit, giving the majority of your time to the school, but being a Ladykat just means a female who plays a sport. 

Title IX is a federal law that provides for the end of gender discrimination in public schools. Before Title IX, males were given access to better resources both academically and in athletics.The passage of Title IX in 1971 granted women equal opportunity to all aspects of public education Basically for every male sport, there has to be a female sport. By keeping the lady in front kat, the level playing field is once again abolished. 

The district’s motto is “One team, one purpose,” but by separating the male from the female athletes, a divide is created in not only high school, but all schools in the district. From the Ladykats, to the Lady Lynx, to the Lady Bobkats –  it is not fair.

The twenty-first century has opened many new ideologies and inventions, and the next change that should be made, should start in Willis. No more objectifying females for the sport they play. Everyone should be a Wildkat.