Share college info, get free coffee


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

ICED COFFEE TIME. Seniors can join the counselors for iced coffee and celebrate their college choices and questions.

Graduation seemed so far away for so many freshmen walking into high school in 2018, but time flies, and now they’re all seniors, months away from graduating and moving on. Many people will celebrate this event with friends and family in restaurants, at home, and different places to remember their high school years. 

However, next week there is a special event going on for all the seniors who have a jump start on their college and career plans. 

At the college and career center, counselor Tricia Neumann is handing out her famous iced coffee to seniors to say congratulations, and to teachers and staff to say thank you. 

“Next Tuesday Morning, starting at 7:05 AM, seniors will get the opportunity to get a free iced coffee,” Neumann said. “At the college and career center, seniors who have proof of college acceptance, submitted FAFSA, proof of submitting college application, scholarships, proof of military enlistment or has a college and career related question can come and get these free iced coffees.”

Get ahead of the game and be prepared for next Tuesday to receive free iced coffee and have a big, bold name placed on the wall of college acceptances. 

“There will be organized lines and sections to get coffee, take pictures with goofy mustaches and hats, and a spot on the college wall to put your printed name down next to the college you are planning to attend.” Neumann said. “Be sure to send your emails to me [email protected] to show your proof of acceptance to have your names ready and printed out to put on the wall of colleges,” 

For those who do not like dairy products in their coffee, there are other options so enjoyment can still be obtained, and a fun experience can be remembered. 

“There are also dairy-free options with plain iced coffee for those who do not want dairy in their coffee,” Neumann said. “There will also be coffee in four different carts delivered to staff members and teachers in the CTE and main building throughout the day.” 

Don’t feel unincluded if a college acceptance letter, email, or scholarship wasn’t sent out, there are other ways for every senior here to receive their iced coffee and have a great time. 

“Questions like ‘Where can I go to submit my college application?’ or ‘What are my college options here in Texas?’ are some examples of college and career related questions that could get you seniors a free iced coffee,” Neumann said. “Come down and see what all the hype is about. Get yourself a free iced coffee, take some goofy photos with your friends, put your name on the wall of colleges, and have a fun time.” 

Like the experiences, memories and cherished moments made during the past four years, this iced coffee event won’t just be another school day. It will be a time of fun, a time of happiness, and a time full of reminiscence with tears of joy. 

“Don’t be that kid,” Neumann said. “With the class of 2022, I’m personally attached to them. I was their counselor in elementary school, and now I get to see them off and see what the class of 2022 will accomplish. I am so excited for this event, and don’t mind the tears – they are happy tears.”