Students reveal their guilty pleasure movies


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

BAD FILMS. Students share what movies they think are bad but they still enjoy watching.

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

Lion King. Cars. Tinkerbell. Honey I Shrunk the Kids. White Chicks. Water Boy. Lemonade Mouth. Monsters University. The Grinch. Mama Mia. 

When people are having a bad day or just feeling nostalgic they turn to their favorite cringey movie. Whether it’s bad videography or just a bad plot line, there’s several movies out there that are considered “guilty pleasure” movies.

 “I don’t have any specific guilty pleasure movies,” senior Autumn Caka said. “I like any super sappy romantic comedies.”

Some “bad” classics out there that audience members may be a little embarrassed to admit that they like, but they love them nonetheless.

“My favorite bad movie is Star Wars: Attack of the Clones,” senior Hannah Lebow said. “I love all Star Wars movies but that one is just really funny.”

There are other classics that have won several awards and they are still considered to be cheesy movies. 

“I love Titanic but it’s not that good,” senior Faith Miner said. “I just really like the actors.”

Holiday specials are very cheesy and can be bad at times, but they’re still a great way to celebrate the season. 

“Any hallmark movie is a guilty pleasure movie of mine,” senior Piper Neumann said. “I just love Christmas and anything to do with Christmas. 

There are some guilty pleasure movies that are loved by viewers but are still considered to be poorly made. 

“Twilight is so good but it’s so bad,” senior Lindsey Pipes said. “I still love it though.”

Even though the MCU has a very large fanbase and their recent movies are well made, they didn’t start off with award winning films. 

“The first Avengers movie is my guilty pleasure movie,” senior Ainsley Patrick said. “There’s better marvel movies to watch but it’s what I always watch when I’m having a bad day.”