Wildkats defeat familiar foe for bi-district title


photo or infographic by Kendall Cobb

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. After the victory against Spring Dekaney, members of the team celebrate.

The Wildkats became Bi-District Champions after defeating the Spring Dekaney Wildcats last Friday. This was not only their first play-off win since 2010, but also the first ever playoff win in the 6A division. 

The team has been working relentlessly to make this season successful. 

“It felt great to win and I’m blessed to be in that position,” sophomore Derek Lagway said. “It shows that the hard work is really paying off.”

Players are hyped up when Wildkat spirit floods the stadium. Hearing the support from the fans helps the players fight harder for the win. 

“It’s great to be able to hear how hyped up the crowd is because it sets the tone for the game,” junior Hutton Hoegemeyer said. “Having that Wildkat spirit supporting us on the field helps us play at our best.”

Purple covered the visitor stands as fans traveled to support their team. Players not only want to impact their school, but also the community around them. 

“Hearing the fans motivates me to be the best teammate and player on the field,” senior Aiden Collier said. “Having all of these fans travel to support feels like we have a greater impact on the community around us.”

After securing the win with a touchdown in the last 5 minutes, fans start to chant “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.”  A big smile shines across number 5’s face as he soaks in this historic victory. 

“It was unexpected for them to chant my name,” senior Johnny McHenry said. “I just wanted to make an impact on the field and help my team win.”

McHenry was a key player on both sides of the ball as he led the team to victory. For the first time this season, he was able to get back to his running back glory.  

STARTING OFF RIGHT. At the start of the game, senior Kaleb Sprayberry carries the stars and stripes for the team as they take the field. (photo or infographic by Stephanie Keele)

“It was wonderful to be able to set the tempo for the night,” McHenry said. “It felt like I was back in my prime being able to run the ball again.”

Teammates chant together before and after the game to help hype each other up. It helps bring the brotherhood of football to life as they work together to make history. 

“Being able to lead the ‘who got your back, I got your back’ chant makes me feel connected to the team,” Rogers said. “We always fight together to make our dreams become reality.”

The team secured a play-off win over the team they lost 44-22 last year. This shows not only the program’s growth, but also the players’ growth within this past year. 

WILDKAT SPIRIT. After taking care of business on the field, senior Zach Rogers yells to boost the spirit of the team and crowd. (photo or infographic by Stephanie Keele)

“We went from getting a lot of doubt to being able to beat the team we lost to last year,” Rogers said. “It shows that we are capable of anything.” 

The team hopes to take the momentum of last week to the next game. The team will play Tomball at Planet Ford Stadium this Friday.

“My hope is to make more history,” Lagway said. “The team wants to make it as far as we can in the playoffs.” 

As the Wildkats bring home the trophy, seniors feel as if they have made their mark on the field. The class of 22 is proud to be remembered by this 22-14 victory. 

“It feels great to be a part of something that we can be remembered by,” senior Zach Rogers said. “Our legacy is being left behind with this trophy.”