Seniors honored for college accomplishments at Coffee with Counselors

It was a nice treat to start the morning with a cup of the amazing brew. Cup after cup of iced coffee was served to the seniors as they filed into the College and Career Center for Coffee with Counselors.

But the red cups filled with coffee and topped with whipped cream were more than a morning treat. It was a symbol of all they have accomplished. They celebrated big steps like being accepted to Texas Tech and Sam Houston State. They celebrated commitments to protect the country by serving in the Army and Air Force. The also celebrated the little steps like a completed FASFA or a college app that was almost complete.

The celebration was for the seniors and the counselors who helped them succeed along the way. Counselor Tricia Neuman, along with other staff members, volunteers served  Neumann’s homemade coffee recipe.

“Over 100 students and staff members received coffee on Tuesday,” Neumann said. “We were able to have all of the counselors in the district to help serve coffee, and several students who took their picture and put their name on the wall. It was fun for some of the teachers who came back for seconds on coffee, as well as lonestar students who got left over coffee.” 

One of the seniors received her college acceptance email to Texas Tech University while at the event was going on, so the students and staff were able to celebrate with her. 

“I had submitted my application to Texas Tech University, and it had been weeks since I placed it with no feedback,” senior Alexis Sanchez said. “Mrs. Neumann and I had been keeping an eye out for it and had discussed it during the event still with no feedback. As soon as I left I went to office aide and like normal and opened my email. I saw that I had received my acceptance email and was so excited to share the news with Mrs. Neumann. I ran back down to the College and Career Center and shared my news with her. I truly couldn’t believe it.” 

Happiness in a cup was spread throughout the school to teachers too, leaving the teachers to reflect their high school years.

“Reflecting back on my high school senior year there were events that celebrated high school achievements,” history teacher Whitney Taylor said. “However, there were few, if any, celebrations about college and life after high school. I truly love this idea of recognizing and celebrating the success of our seniors. College and post high school program acceptance is something to be celebrated. The iced coffee is a nice treat to enjoy too.”