Favoritism, controversy leads some fans to dump ‘Dancing with the Stars’


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

DANCING DISASTERS. The new season of Dancing with the Stars has long-time fans complaining.

     A model making a dancing show her runway. A dancer who doesn’t seem on time with her partner. A familiar world of celebrities trying their best to dance alongside a professional where the fun has been interrupted by unfairness and a terrible host. This is the chaos of the current season of Dancing With the Stars.

     The newest season of Dancing With the Stars has been disappointing for lots of viewers because they disagree with the choice of host and the scores show favoritism.

     Tyra Banks is a T.V. show host notorious for her snarky commentary and attention-hungry demeanor. She debuted as the host for Dancing With the Stars in 2020 for season 29 of the show and has quickly become a reason not to watch the show. As the host, she has the responsibility of shining the spotlight on the dancers and saying positive words to encourage them, yet most of her screen time is spent making herself the center of attention and saying things that don’t fit the situation. It is an experience that will make a person instinctively want to mute her every time she goes on screen. There was even a post that was deleted off the official Dancing With the Stars Instagram account because most, if not all, of the comments, included negative words towards Banks. It is clear that her presence on the show is despised by many because of the negative effect it has on the show’s entertainment quality.  

     Jojo Siwa’s presence, on the other hand, sparks controversy over the scores she receives from the panel of judges. Week after week, she gets perfect or nearly perfect scores which set her on top of the leader board where she has only been on the bottom once. The expectations of celebrities have always been more lenient because they lack dancing experience, but fortunately for Siwa, she has a background in dancing, even though it isn’t the same kind of dancing. Unfortunately, her dances, from most viewers’ standpoint, do not deserve the high scores she gets because they catch mistakes that are visible even to someone who isn’t a professional. Again, the comment section on multiple posts on Instagram absolutely destroys Siwa over this, and some go as far as saying that she has already won at this point. The clear favoritism takes the mystery out of who will win and lends to the show not attracting as much interest from fans.

      Tyra Banks’s attitude and the favoritism that was shown towards Jojo Siwa produced a less entertaining show for fans this season. But loyal fans of Dancing With the Stars are safe watching the newest season as long as they can tolerate the less enjoyable parts of the show.