Don’t rush Christmas spirit


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

TOO SOON. People should not start setting up for Christmas too early before Christmas Day because it builds tension and expectations begin to fade.

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff

In the final months of the year, people begin to gear up for the many holidays that are to come. Halloween is in October. Thanksgiving is in November. Lastly, Christmas is in December. People gather their costumes, put up their Christmas tree, then they get a turkey for Thanksgiving. Christmas is the last holiday of the year, yet people will see Christmas spirit displayed across stores as early as October. While mostly everyone is enthusiastic about giving gifts and spending quality time with their family, starting the celebration so soon is not something everybody agrees with.

People should not start setting up for Christmas too early before Christmas Day because it builds tension and expectations begin to fade.

Around the beginning of November, the air intensifies as emotions stir over one of the most beloved holidays of the year approaches. The battle begins between the most spirited and the less spirited. The most spirited pull-out tangled lights and festive decorations early November and spend a large amount of their time piecing together an elaborate demonstration of holiday cheer outside their house. The less spirited pass by these decorated houses and stare in awe and confusion at the dedication to the celebration of Christmas. A passive interaction where neither side is aware of the other. The next stage of the battle happens when the most spirited decide to embrace Christmas even more by playing the most cheerful Christmas music they can find. This is the time when the confrontations begin. The constant ringing of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” might spark rage in the less spirited and prompt them to repeatedly ask the most spirited to turn it off before they are no longer sane. These tensions spoil the merry and family spirit that makes Christmas memorable and something to look forward to.

Everyone is expectant when Christmas time arrives each year. They are ready to take a break, relax with their family and immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit. The holiday spirit becomes a reality when people and stores who can’t wait for Christmas Day put up decorations. Starting late October a person will pass a cheerful Christmas display at least once a day. At first, anyone would be excited to embrace the Christmas spirit, but day by day the excitement is lost and before Christmas even rolls around they will be numb to the emotion from anything Christmas-related. It will have become a familiar sight, a familiar feeling, and no longer hold the importance in someone’s mind as it once did. The early start to the Christmas season causes allows time for the excitement to fade away and dims the anticipation for the holiday. 

People should consider holding off on putting up Christmas decorations and starting holiday festivities until a time that is closer to Christmas day so that it can be everybody’s main focus and so that everyone can join in the celebration with a merry spirit.