Family time, tech gifts, jewelry top students’ Christmas lists


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media on Canva

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS. Technology tops the lists of many student’s list this holiday.

Sentimental value. Presents. Holiday joy. Christmas is just around the corner as the time comes to create a wish list of presents.

With the holiday season approaching, students share the items on their wish list, having big hopes for the presents they want to receive.

“This year for Christmas I’m really hoping to get Nike blazers, a lonely ghost hoodie, a disposable camera, a shark watch, James Avery jewelry, flannels, Doc Martens, an amazon gift card, fuzzy socks and claw clips,” junior Hayleigh Brawley said.

The top ten gifts change for each personality.

“Some of the gifts that I want for Christmas this year are a PC console, an Oculus, a new phone, a laptop, an iPad, a smart watch and a paintball gun,” senior Trenton Hewitt said. “Pretty much a lot of technology.”

After several interviews with girls, James Avery seems to be a popular gift on peoples wish list.

“I really hope I get this James Avery necklace because it is something I want to have with my twin sister when I leave for college,” senior Faith Williamson said. “Honestly, I think the most popular gifts this year are going to be the new iPhones and MacBooks.”

While some students want material objects for Christmas, some want to go visit places to see valuable people.

“I really want to go back to Mexico for Christmas, ” freshman Paulina Flores said. “I really want to go see my family again and spend time with them because I don’t get to see them often.”

Another seemingly popular gift idea is to pay money towards paying the pricey college application forms.

“For Christmas, it would be really nice to have my college applications paid for,” senior Trenton Ginnis said. “They’re just so expensive and it would make my life a lot easier for college. Although I want my applications to be paid, I think other people are going to want Air Pod Pros or the brand-new iPhone because everyone seems to be into Apple products these days.