Wrestlers stand by teammate during tough time


photo or infographic by Katherine Lee

CRADLE TO PIN. in a match last season against Foster, senior Nick Boies works to defeat his competitor. The team recently supported Boies during a tough time for his family.

Refuse to Lose. 

Refuse to Lose is more than just a saying to the wrestling team. Refuse to Lose is an action. It’s a feeling. It’s a mantra. 

When one of their own feels like they’re standing alone, the wrestling team steps up. Senior Nick Boies recently lost his grandfather who served as his guardian. The wrestling team was not going to let him be alone, and they helped in every way they could. On the eve of his grandfather’s funeral, the team got together and held a benefit to help him and his family.

When finding out about Boies, the first thing his teammates did was check up on him. They made sure he was okay. The wrestling team wanted to be there for him.

“My first instinct was to check up on my friend and make sure that he knew he wasn’t alone,” senior Janice Maldonado said. “I wanted to help my friend out in any way that I could, so my mother and I organized a benefit to help pay for the funeral costs.”

Upon hearing the news, many of Boies’s teammates wanted to help in any way they could.

“When I read the post, my heart broke into two,” junior Cianna Rupert said. “I knew that he needed help, so I offered up my time to help cover any funeral costs. My family and I donated money so that his family could have less weight on their shoulders.”

Boise is like a sibling to all the wrestlers. They’re pleased to help Boies in any way because they all know he would do the same for them. 

“Nick always treated me like family, and helped me in any way he could,” Rupert said. “I’m glad I could help him; he’s really awesome.”

Members of the team didn’t think twice about helping Boise and his family. 

“My first instinct was to call and check in on him.” junior Yabi Paulido said. “I told him I would do whatever I could to help him. I helped sell food at the benefit to raise money, as well as sing at the funeral when he asked me to. I have continued to check in and be there for him.”

Boies is humbled by his teammates and everything they have done for him. He knows that with his team’s help, he will get through this tough time.

“I am very thankful for my team and their help,” Boies said. “This is a hard topic to talk about, but I am glad to get their support”