Blood donors save lives


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media with Canva

DONATE TO SAVE LIVES. HOSA is sponsoring a blood drive on Dec. 13. Sign up at all lunches.

     Death. Pain. Grief. It doesn’t take long for someone to lose a person that is precious to them. People can’t live without air and they can’t live without enough blood. But when there is someone in need, there is hope and a hero. Blood is life and hope. A blood donor, a hero, can give to someone who needs more blood to live. Donating is the act that will make a difference. It is the act that will give back time and help prevent grief.  

     HOSA recently competed in a competition for the organization and are now gathering volunteers to donate blood in the blood drive on December 13. 

     “Mazlyn Heyer placed for Dental Terminology and Elizabeth Aguillon placed for Pharmacology,” HOSA sponsor Katrina King said. “Both these ladies will advance to the Area competition for HOSA. I am so proud of them”

     HOSA members devote a lot of time into studying for competitions and placing makes their dedication worthwhile.

     “I’m really excited about placing because it shows how hard I worked studying,” senior Elizabeth Aguillon said. “I’m also very happy about being able to represent Willis High School in area 6 competitions. There is not anything specific that motivates me but knowing these competitions could help me achieve my goals in the future, helps keep me motivated.”

     Being a part of HOSA gives its members opportunities to build a foundation for their future and accomplish important goals that are valued by many.    

     “I feel very excited about placing for HOSA and getting to represent the school in something that can help me throughout my future,” junior Mazlyn Heyer said. “What motivates me is having all my fellow HOSA members push me to do my best in competition as well as our HOSA sponsor, Mrs.King, encouraging us to try our best and represent our school well.”

     In preparation for the blood drive event, King is making sure everyone knows about the requirements for participating and important information about the blood drive. 

     “This week officers will be in the cafeteria to sign students up,” King said. “The person has to weigh 122 pounds and be 17 or older. We will have the Blood Mobile Coaches out in front of the PAC on Dec.13th. Each donation saves 3 lives. All the blood products stay in our community. I will have an officer on Tuesday and Thursday in the cafeteria in the CTE.”

     Donating blood may seem small to the donor, but the impact reaches far beyond what that person might think.

     “It is a simple act of kindness that can save 3 lives in less than 30 minutes,” King said. “It is the opportunity for each of us to be a hero to someone in need.”