Interact creates Christmas joy for children living in poverty


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

WRAPPING JOY. Getting the paper ready, senior Andrea Espericueta cuts wrapping paper for her candy rolls.

On Christmas morning, children hop out of bed, wake up their parents and run to the tree. It is the time for opening presents and enjoying a delightful holiday breakfast. This may not be the reality that children in poverty experience, but with the help of the Interact club, they will have gifts to unwrap on christmas morning.The Interact club has sponsored a service project to lend a helping hand to needy children in Mexico, they gather paper towel rolls, fill them with candy and pack them up in time for the holidays.

“The project we are all focused on now is the candy rolls for kids in Mexico,” sponsor Mikayla Bilbo said. “Members of the Rotary club will deliver these before the holidays.”

There are new members in the Interact club that get to experience the candy drive for the first time. These Wildkats love to be a part of the community.

LEADER OF THE PACK. Filling a roll with candy, junior Ivy Nguyen works with the Interact club on their service project. Nguyen is president of the club. (photo or infographic by Emily Meachen)

“This is my first time being in the club, I decided to join because I really enjoy being involved,” senior Andrea Espericueta said. “I feel better as a person because I am helping others. Especially those who deserve it.”

Some students joined the club because it looked good on their college resumes; however, recently they have began to appreciate what the club offers.

“I joined Interact to get some volunteer hours, and I also wanted something to do after school.” sophomore Aiden Hamilton said. “Now I’ve started to realize what the club is for, and it feels very good to help kids around the world.”

Giving back, helping the poor, being a good person – these are all qualities of Wildkats in Interact. Club members have been working as hard as they can to gather gifts.

“We are making as many candy rolls as possible, last year we sent trash bags full,” junior Ivy Nguyen said. “We just want to send as many candy rolls as we can.”