Christmas spirit fills halls during holiday countdown

Students dressed in red and white like candy canes. Jingle bells ringing around the necks of students for Christmas bling day. Couples wearing matching pajamas as they walk hand in hand down the hall. 

As the days of 2021 draw close to an end, the halls and classrooms are filled with students and teachers showing their Christmas spirit during the 12 Days of Christmas sponsored by the student council. 

“I plan to dress up for pajama day.” senior Morgan Christopher said. “My friends make me want to dress up, and it is actually kind of fun.”

Students hate getting out of bed and coming to school. Being at school in your pajamas is more relaxing.

“I am definitely going to dress up for pajama day,” senior Nancy Tipaz said. “ Pjs are comfortable to wear, especially at school.”

Students may feel unmotivated weeks before the holidays and when they get the chance to show their christmas spirit it brings them joy and helps them look forward to coming to school.

“I enjoy dressing up.” freshman Jalynn Feller said. “I like to participate in things and show my spirit.”

With Christmas on its way, the school’s dress up days bring the students together and help them count down the days till the holidays.

“I like dressing up for school.” sophomore Alex Najera said. “It’s a fun thing to do, especially with my friends. I always jump at the chance to show my spirit with other people.”

A lot of students like to dress up for school because they get to show off their personality with their christmas outfits.

“ I do dress up for school,” sophomore Tyler Brackenridge said. “I think that it is cool that we get to bring our Christmas spirit to school”.

Students aren’t the only ones who go all out for dress up days. The Christmas spirit also hit the teachers during the holiday season.

“I like dressing up for spirit days because of how much my students like it.” English teacher Chris Slovak said. “They expect a wow factor from me every dress up day, and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they spot me.”

Seniors haven’t always taken advantage of the school’s dress up days and now that it is their last year they want to go big or go home.

“It’s my last year of high school so I kind of want to do the things I wasn’t able to in my early years,” senior Carlos Elizarraras said. “ I didn’t show my school spirit in ninth through eleventh grade, and this year I got to match with my girlfriend.”

Student council also added a door decorating contest to the holiday season this year. Each 5th period class decorated doors and had an option of a school spirit theme or a holiday spirit theme. With a little over a week to complete the doors, there were a lot of students hot gluing, wrapping and taping holiday cheer to the doors.

“It is all about the Christmas spirit and seeing everyone’s faces as they passed under the snowflakes,” senior Daniel Galvan said. “I like the fact that I was able to help bring that joy to students who may have needed something to bring their joy up. Plus, I was able to show off what little art skills I have.”