First annual Wildkat Christmas game brings holiday spirit to Shelly Field

Bad Santa and The Black Team. It is not the normal Christmas duo. 

But on Wednesday, the members of the softball and baseball teams came together as team Bad Santa and The Black Team for the first annual Wildkat Christmas slow pitch game at Shelly Field. The teams dressed in Christmas sweaters, silly hats and even full Santa costumes to play against their friends, teammates and even family members.

Members of the baseball team were excited to play on the smaller field and loved talking trash before the game.

“I’m most excited to hit some absolute moon shots on yall’s t-ball field,” senior Ayden Slott said.

The game was fun to members of both team.

“I am looking forward to seeing the competition between softball and baseball,” junior Lindsey Hues said. “I am excited because we are always trash talking each other.

Other people were excited for the different costumes and sweaters everyone wore during the game.

“I’m excited to be playing with the softball team,” junior Braydon Hawthorne said. “While we played everyone wore different Christmas costumes which will made it more fun.”

The baseball players always claim that they are a lot stronger than the girls, and beat the because of it.

“I think the baseball team is going to win,” sophomore Austin Gaskins said, “We are going to win because we are stronger, faster, and bigger.”

Other baseball players feel the girl players have a little advantage. 

“It could go either way when we play the girls,” Hawthorne said. “The boys are not use to hitting slower underhand pitching, so they will probably just roll over and hit ground balls while the girls are more use to it and will probably hit better.

After the game, the bragging rights went to the players on The Black Team, but Bad Santa felt the game should have gone the other way. One of the coaches of the team, senior Marshall Niederhofer went to Twitter to voice his frustration.

“We got cheated,” Niederhofer said.