Senior swimmers honored at Montgomery meet


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

SWIMMING HARD. At the senior night meet, senior Zach Clark broke a school record.

by Summer Rains, VOW editor

“Swimmers ready.” 

“Take your mark.”

The whistle blows and crowd members hear the loud sound of splashing water as almost a dozen bodies dive into the pool. The cool water encapsules their bodies and the swimmer’s arms and legs propel them through the pool

The Aquakats are well into their season and at their last meet, on Thursday Dec. 9, they honored their senior teammates. The swimmers did well at the meet against Montgomery and Lake Creek and they even broke some records. 

“I’ve been aiming to break as many records as possible and I broke my third individual record which was the 200 freestyle record,” senior Zach Clark said. “Together I hold four records, being the 100 freestyle 100 backstroke and the 200 freestyle then a team record as the 400 relay record. I plan on pushing myself more to go back and re-break my own records along with breaking one or two more.”

SPLASH. At the senior night meet, senior Shelby Brown swims the backstroke. (photo or infographic by Summer Rains)

The class of 2022 swimmers have been a key asset to the team and each member has put in hard work to accomplish their plans for the season. 

 “I am very proud of this year’s seniors,” swim coach Jeremy Whitt said. “Nathan, Shelby, Zach, and Paige have been a valuable asset to our team in one way or another and each has made tremendous personal progress. The team captains are Zachary Clark and Paige Greeney and they are definitely the top leaders on the team.  Our team goals are focusing on individual improvement and coming together as a team.”

Before the meet, the parents of the seniors walked them across the natatorium to recognize all the work they have put in during the season.

  “It was emotional for us and our parents,” senior Paige Greeney said. “I hadn’t processed that this is my last season until I walked. I was really excited for it all but I was also nervous. I did well at this meet. I won the 100 back and I made a good time. We only have a few more meets until districts but I feel prepared.”

“Seeing the seniors walk made me very emotional,” sophomore Addison Lyons said. “I was so sad but I was proud. Next year without them is going to be hard, our seniors are our role models and leaders. They are like the glue of our team.”

Even though it is the last year that the seniors can compete on the high school level, some of them are planning to move up to the next level. 

 “I have been swimming for nearly 10 years now, having started in the 4th grade,” Clark said. “Coach Fossmo is the one who started me in the sport and was my coach from the age 8 until now pretty much. I plan on swimming at The University of Texas at Permian Basin.”

Senior night is a special moment for the graduating class and it gives them the opportunity to celebrate all the work that they have accomplished.

“I couldn’t wait to get into the water at the meet to show my wildkat pride,” senior Shelby Brown said. “I was overall very happy that night with the way our swimmers pushed through and did the best they could. I think I am ready to move on to what comes next on my journey, but I will definitely miss the feeling of swimming in a competition and being on a team with others who share the same passion.”