NHS treats teachers with back-to-semester breakfast


photo or infographic by Brenan Mansker

ALL FOR YOU. At the NHS breakfast for the staff, junior Reid Henderson encourages Coach Tim Knicky to grab breakfast before inservice on Jan. 4.

Before the sun rises, alarm clocks ring. A group of juniors and seniors move around their houses preparing for the day ahead. It is the very last day of winter break, yet the students are leaving before dawn for school with a mindset filled with giving back to those who have given them so much. 

National Honor Society members donated and served breakfast to teachers and faculty members Jan. 4 in the cafeteria during a teacher workday prior to the return of students for the spring semester. 

Junior and senior NHS members and officers volunteered on the last day of their winter break to serve the faculty breakfast. 

“It made me feel good because I was able to do something nice for them because they do so much for us students,” senior NHS vice president Cole Arnold said. 

The NHS officer team was able to organize the event from planning to execution.

“It felt good as an officer that we could get a sizeable group together when it wasn’t mandatory, especially because it was for the people who help us every day expecting nothing in return,” senior NHS secretary Ryan Glasgow said. 

Despite the early hours, many members were eager to serve their teachers.

“While it was hard to wake up, knowing that I could put a smile on my teachers’s face as I convinced them to eat muffins for breakfast was enough for me,” junior Reid Henderson said. 

Teachers were grateful for the pleasant surprise that the students provided. 

“Anytime free food is served, I know it’s going to be a good day,” English teacher Chris Slovak said. “My personal motto is, if it’s for free, it’s for me.”

While the food was delicious, the event provided time for students to catch up with teachers as well. 

“The breakfast made me feel like I was helping make someone’s day better by just telling them good morning and maybe even helping to start their day out good by having a conversation with them,” junior Parris Collins said. 

After a long first semester, the breakfast provided students and teachers alike with an opportunity to start the second semester off on a good note. 

“Add to that the fact that some of my favorite students had taken the time to be here early in the morning on their last day of the break, and I have to say, it felt pretty darn good,” Slovak said. “It’s always hard to come back after a break – NHS made that a lot better.”