Remembering Betty White


photo or infographic by Cenia Moreira

STRONG. As the world remembers Betty White, she must be remembers for all she did beyond comedy.

Not only was she a celebrity, she was an influencer before that was even a thing. She was someone that set an example for young and old alike, unknowingly changing the views on life to those around her. 

Betty White was a remarkable woman that deserves to be remembered forever in the hearts and minds of everyone. On the week of her 100th birthday, people all over the United States are creating memorials in honor of White. People are donating to animal charities, posting some of her best quotes and honoring her for her achievements. 

Throughout her life Betty White chose her own happiness over being in an unhappy, traumatic marriage. When she married her second husband back in 1947, she ended up filing for divorce and succeeded, as her husband wanted her to abandon her wishes and dreams just for him. Betty White was an amazing woman, sticking firmly to her beliefs, knowing her determination for her career was going to pay off. This factor made her an admirable woman that people should look up to. 

Betty White was a driven woman, knowing she would one day accomplish her dreams, ultimately allowing them to come true. She was so focused on her career that she rejected the pressure of society to have children. Betty White was an influential public figure that was a great example to young women. She never judged others’ choices to be traditional moms and wives, she just chose to take a different path. 

Racism was a very controversial topic back in the 1950s; however, Betty White saw beyond the color of a person’s skin and publicly stood up to racism. She hired a man of color for her show in the 1950s knowing it would not be a popular decision. She was never afraid to back down from what she believed in.

Standing up to racists. Staying true to her dreams. Rejecting social norms. Betty White deserves to be forever remembered as one of the greatest women of all time. She proved to be a great role model for all people, never giving into peer pressure and sticking to what she wanted for her life. She will be dearly missed by many.