‘Braids and Butterflies’ fundraiser set for cosmetology department


photo or infographic by WHS Cosmetology Dept.

GLITTER & BOWS. The cosmo department is hosting a fundraising event on Feb. 10. Anyone interested can contact either instructor for an appointment.

Hairspray, hair bands, brushes and clips. Cosmetology prepares the salon and supplies, as the day draws near for their fundraiser.

The cosmetology program is hosting Braids & Butterfly Kisses, on Feb. 10 from 4:00 p.m – 5:30 p.m. to raise money to buy more supplies  The upperclassmen who have been involved in the program for a couple years will be braiding the hair of the customers who come.

“So many new changes are happening in the cosmetology department and this fundraiser is just the beginning,” cosmetology teacher Ms. Hepler said, “With the proceeds we will be purchasing items for the salon which could include things like new hair color or gel polish. Our hope is we will be more visible within the student body at Willis High School”

Helper wants to create a learning environment and hopes the fundraiser will put the program a little closer to their goals for the salon.

“We really want our cosmo kids to have a salon they are proud of,” she said.”For the Braids and Butterflies fundraiser, we will have an upperclassman paired with a group to assist in the learning process. They will learn leadership and customer service skills that will follow them into the workforce.”

As the students prepare for Braids & Butterfly Kisses, they express their love for cosmetology.

“Hopefully the fundraiser will give us a good reputation because I want the program to be taken seriously,” senior Gabrielle Pina said, “I really enjoy what I’m learning in cosmetology and I wish other students had more of a passion for it, so hopefully the fundraiser helps us out.”

With the fundraiser, students also hope that the money will further their education.

“I think that the fundraiser will bring in more and better things for the other students to succeed,” freshman Addison Hoot said. 

By hosting this fundraiser, the cosmetology students have high hopes for the future, looking forward to learning new things and getting new equipment.

“This fundraiser will hopefully help us get more equipment, so that we are able to do more things and have more opportunities,” junior Emma Atkinson said. “My favorite part of cosmetology is being able to make new friends and learn more techniques about how to do things.”