Embrace single status this Valentine’s Day


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

DO NOT FALL IN THE TRAP. Many people panic around Feb. 14, but having a sweetie is not necessary.

Candy. Hearts. Flowers. Love. All four things single boys and girls will not be receiving this year. As the holiday of love approaches, it is time to take a different look at the holiday of candy hearts and red balloons.

It is not a bad thing to be single this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day was not created in the sense of love in the air or handing out flowers to your significant other, but was actually rumored to have many different origins. One of which was about a priest named St. Valentine who served in war, and in this war they outlawed relationships. St. Valentine did not agree, so instead he fought to change the law but was killed for it, so Feb. 14th would be a day in remembrance. A continued rumor, linked off of the same concept, was that a feast was prepared to celebrate St. Valentine, and this was to  Christianize  what was also celebrated at the time, Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a festival for the Roman god of Agriculture, Faunus, and the celebration of fertility using flowers. All of this being said, none of them have anything to do with sticking a lollipop on a note card and handing it to your crush. It’s much better to be single for Valentine’s because money will not be wasted.

Benchmarks are coming up, many SAT’s and ACT’s are on the calendar. There are much better things to do than sit around eating cheap chocolates and smelling chemical-infused flowers.

— Janice Talley

Valentine’s day is a large excuse for many people to go out and buy jewelry, chocolates and useless flowers that will die in days. Lots of money is wasted on a relationship that will be temporary, or a relationship that has been together so long that there is no point in celebration anymore. Instead you could be spending that money on gas, a surprise for your family or maybe even a delicious cup of frozen yogurt to treat yourself. 

Another common issue that has been around since the beginning of time, is the problem of cheating in relationships. Not only does it happen for many high school relationships, but many adults have this same issue. But, when being single on Valentine’s Day, you will not have to worry about being cheated on. Instead you get to take great naps, stay under your warm blankets and watch an amazing movie instead of wasting your time on a trash relationship. 

As a teenager in high school, education is a top priority. When you are studying, doing extra curricular activities and trying to keep up with grade checks, Valentine’s day was put in a rough area to balance all of that plus a relationship. Benchmarks are coming up, many SATs and ACTs are on the calendar. There are much better things to do than sit around eating cheap chocolates and smelling chemical-infused flowers. 

For this next Valentine’s Day, be proud to sit it out and take time for yourself. Treat yourself, and do not defeat yourself. You can always be happy outside of a relationship.