‘Grease’ crew makes memories behind scenes


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

PREPPING FOR THE LAST SHOW. Sweeping the confetti off the stage from the matinee performance, senior Timothy Brown gets ready for the last show. Brown served as the stage left manager for the show.

The classic love story about a tough guy and the new girl in town falling for each other was on stage, but there was a lot of work behind the scenes making the trip to the 1950s believable. “Grease” was on stage the weekend of Jan. 28-29, but the crew worked for weeks to bring Rydell High alive.

For many students, this was their first time as a member of a stage crew.

“The ‘Grease’ play was so fun to run around and make the sets,” senior David Cowger said. “I got to meet so many amazing new people, we all got to become better friends each day.” 

Many members of the crew had lots of  fun when working together on this play. They became closer and closer friends each day.

“I am so glad that I was able to do this, even though we did have some problems with the set, we were all having fun,” senior Daniel Poole said. “My favorite part about all of this was being able to hang out with all my new friends. Every day after rehearsal we would go out together and hang out.”

Many members of the crew came on their first day not knowing anybody.

“When I came on the first day there were many new faces, and I only knew a few,” freshman Joshua Besk said. “Now I know just about everyone. I really didn’t know that I would be having so much fun with all of this. I’m very excited for our next show.”

The crew bonded at practice, and they also spent time together every day after rehearsal.

LAST MINUTE MEETING. Before the last performance, senior Stephanie Keele talks to members of the crew about notes for the last performance. (photo or infographic by Emily Meachen)

“When we were doing all of the shows on Saturday the 29th, we all had so much fun, we got to become closer, and closer to each other,” senior Justin Pickford said “The last week for rehearsal was very stressful because we would have to repair or either build something new because they wanted to change something about the play. This made it very stressful for the play but we pulled through in the end, and we still had tons of fun.”

Many of the crew members built the sets and put them together. The last minute nature of repairing and changing the sets

“I got to build lots of things that played big parts in the musical,” freshman Joshua Besk said. “Some of the set pieces that we had to build were very complicated, and with all of the changes being thrown at us we all still pulled through. I am very proud to be part of this crew.”