Lifters raise bar as they prepare for regional competition


photo or infographic by Coach Brittany Knicky

CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM. The girls team took first at the Magnolia meet on Feb. 10. Members of the girls and boys teams are working to complete at regionals.

Many sports use weights to get stronger or prevent injuries, but for powerlifters weights are the name of the game. Teammates cheer each other on as they raise the bar for the competition. Lifters are making their mark one plate at a time. 

Powerlifting continued their successful season at Magnolia on Feb. 10th. The girls came home with a first place plaque with Rachel Smith leading the team placing first. Many lifters are highly ranked and are looking forward to marking their mark at state. 

“It’s kinda crazy being ranked 3rd in state, but feels really good,” senior Zach Rogers said. “I have more responsibility this year to keep my spot and I’m going to continue to work hard than ever before.” 

After placing 7th in state last year, Rogers is looking forward to making his senior year memorable. He is looking forward to having his supporters cheer him on at state. 

“I want to make this season my most memorable, especially since it’s my senior year,” Rogers said. “Having such a supportive community cheering me on helps push me out of my comfort zone and past my limits to beat out the competition.” 

Every lifter is different as some are better than others in specific lifts. Many lifters look forward to raising the bar in their favorite categories. 

“My favorite lift is the bench,” junior Ford Ivey said. “I’m pretty good at it and my upper body is my strong point.” 

Working out and competing in powerlifting is a catharsis to some athletes. It helps them work through things and they feel pride after meeting their goals. 

“Powerlifting is important to me because it is a way I can channel my anger and energy,” junior Noah Williams said. “I like being able to get stronger and do something that I love.” 

Last year, powerlifting wasn’t able to compete in many competitions due to COVID regulations. Lifters are taking advantage of the extra meets this season. 

photo or infographic by Bryce Keele

“This year is so much better than last just because we have more meets,” senior Jacob Yeskie. “We are actually able to compete, which will help us prepare for state.” 

Competing against others can be daunting sometimes as lifters try to make sure they can lift more weight than others. Many lifters try to focus on beating their own records rather than others. 

“I try to focus on the task at hand,” Rachel Smith said. “It’s easy to get distracted by the competition and I always try to focus on how I am going to perform, not others.”  

Headphones in and hoodies on is what people usually see at the meets, but some lifters like to crack jokes and play around to help ease nervous tension. 

“I am always playing around and hyping up others,” Smith said. “It is about having fun and working together to help push each other to reach our goals.” 

After competing for several years through COVID and other challenges, the seniors in the group know this is the year to make it count. 

“It’s exciting that I’m a senior, but it’s bitter sweet,” Smith said. “I’m just glad I get to leave my legacy that will hopefully inspire others to strive for their goals.”