Bad behavior leads to new restrictions on students


photo or infographic by Rosalyn Gutierrez

GET TO CLASS. Students are now being penalized with strict tardy rules because they are skipping the beginning of class.

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff

      The cry of complaining students is loud, but the cry of those who do wrong is louder. This is a case where the majority was outshined by the minority. They managed to win the consequences for everyone to enjoy. The wrongdoer and the innocent meet with something in common. Under these consequences everyone is equal. 

     Students need to put an end to bad behavior so that administrators do not place restrictions on the entire student body.

     If they are going to place the blame on the student body as a whole then students should take the responsibility as a whole to correct the behavior everyone is complaining about. Tardies have become a very polarizing subject because of recent procedures. In an effort to reduce the amount of students being tardy to class, administrators have taken the responsibility of overseeing the late students still in the halls. The dwindling in student responsibility and obligation seen in the student body has created this need for the rise in administrators responsibility. Time management is the biggest issue that leads to a tardy. Students need to focus more on getting to class rather than be distracted by any other thing that will slow them down. With an acquired sense of urgency students should have enough time to avoid the strict procedures. This strictness was born out of a need and desire to have every student in class, on time.

     Answering the question of why the student body is being dealt with so harshly is quite simple to answer, and a question that just about anyone can answer. Everyone knows that the constant abuse of an unsupervised area, the bathrooms, is the reason why bathroom after bathroom is being locked. The bathrooms have become a place notorious for being the spot where students go to vape, smoke, and do drugs. There is an honest problem with the amount of trouble teachers and administrators find in the restrooms, so much, in fact, that the only solution they see is closing the restrooms. When the only solution seems so extreme, then students should consider that it is because the problem has reached that extreme. Even if it seems to students who don’t engage in those activities that they have no role to play in this, they would be wrong. The issue concerns the entire student body because it affects the entire student body. Everyone uses the restroom, so everyone should fight for the reopening of the restrooms. If students have a problem with the bathrooms being locked, then their solution is eliminating the behavior that got them locked in the first place.

     If students want a more enjoyable school experience free from the suffering and strife caused by consequences placed on everybody because of the minority, then they should encourage other students to be more responsible and use the restroom as intended. The only way administrators will feel inclined to lift some of the restrictions placed on students is when they see a positive change in students’ behavior.