Positive testing season can impact students’ future plans


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media in Canva

PENCILS SHARPENED. As testing season hits, students can be impacted in a postitive manner.

     School has no purpose. This rings true for many students. And as many students hold this belief close to their heart, it takes that place built upon a foundation of certain reasons. When testing season begins, those students are reminded of the pointlessness of school and that belief is engraved deeper still in their hearts. Although it is like this for most, it isn’t the same for all, so there also exists the bright eyed student, excited for his future, that prepares almost every night for success on his tests.

     The spring semester is the time when students will be taking a lot of important tests. Freshman and sophomores have recently taken their benchmarks for their core classes, and the SAT this year is scheduled for March 12, 2022.  

     “I feel like I did the best that I could do for the benchmark,” freshman Jesus Gutierrez said. “I feel like the benchmark has no point because it takes time away from our classes.”

     Students are being prepared for benchmarks throughout the entire year, and since it does not affect a student’s grade, students often question the importance it has compared to their regular schedule.

     “I feel like I did pretty well on the benchmark,” freshman Eric Navarro said. “I feel like it messes with teachers’ schedules and leaves other classes behind while other classes end up ahead.”

     Preparation is key when it comes to the SAT because it will add to the knowledge students need to get a high score. 

     “I feel ready,” junior Kolby Sebastian said. “I could do it right now with where I’m at, but I don’t think I could do as best as I could without practice. I could take it, but I need to do additional stuff to be better and get the best possible score I can.”

     Taking the SAT is a monumental step toward a student’s future, so Sebastian’s top goal is to score as best as she can.

     “It’s just like the basics, to help me get into college kind of thing because if I have a higher score, I have a better chance of getting into schools I want to go to, so I want to get the best score I can,” Sebastian said. 

     Studying for the SAT gives students the advantage of being familiar with the material on the test, and studying just before the test helps students have the information fresh in their minds.

     “I honestly haven’t studied enough to feel comfortable in it, but once it gets closer to March, I’m going to start actually doing prep,” Sebastian said. “So after I do that I feel like I’m going to feel a lot more confident, but right now not so much.”