Valentine’s Day for more than just couples

Organizations give gifts, host dances to show love


photo or infographic by Stone Chapman

PARTY TIME. Junior Lizzie Moore and senior Cole Arnold play a balloon game with student council.

Culinary students drizzle that last chocolate design on their chocolate covered strawberries. Student council takes has their last activity of the day at their party for some special friends. Spanish club members deliver their final package of chocolates, a rose and a loving card for the day. FFA plays one last round of cornhole before the social comes to an end. This is Valentine’s Day at Willis. 

Various clubs around campus had activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year on February 14 and the week prior. They got into the festivities of the holiday through treats, dance, games and gifts to share the love and appreciation for one another and show that Valentine’s Day is for more than just couples.  

“For Valentine’s Day, Willis FFA hosted a valentine’s social at the Knights of Columbus Hall,” senior Jenna Dempsey said. “We danced, made friends and had a fun time playing corn hole, making s’mores and taking pictures in front of a backdrop.”

The Student Council Community Service Committee hosted a Valentine’s Day dance for the students in the LIDS class on campus who don’t get recognized as often to give them a fun experience for this year’s festivities. 

“We have done this the past couple years, and both the volunteers and the students have really enjoyed it,” senior Rachel Smith said. “We get to have fun with the students and just enjoy this holiday by encouraging the students that they are loved.” 

The Spanish club sold packages of roses, chocolates and handwritten cards to students, and they were delivered to the person of the buyers choosing during class. This demonstration of love occurred in all class periods throughout the day as students received gifts from their special someone weather it be friends or significant others.

“Some students who didn’t buy a rose still asked me if they were still available for purchase and the same day of the delivery students were still buying,” junior Montserrat Castillo said. “I think it was a successful fundraiser that I look forward to doing again next year.”

Culinary has been fund raising all year for their trip to compete at Disney this spring. This holiday provided them with another opportunity to showcase their talent and raise more for the trip. 

“We made mini blueberry and banana nut muffins, sugar cookies with royal icing, mini cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries for an administrative meeting for Willis ISD,” senior Brinlyann Ford said. “This was all to raise money for our trip to Disney World for competition.”

Valentine’s Day is usually seen as a day for couples to show their love and appreciation for one another, but it is also a day for people to show others they truly care about them and how grateful they are to have them in their lives. 

“I am not the biggest fan of this holiday, but I do love the thought of appreciating those around you and cherishing those who are important to you,” Dempsey said. “Valentine’s day is more than a holiday for couples and significant others to me, and hosting and helping run the social has truly reassured me in my standing.”