Students create spring break plans of fun, family and relaxation


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

SPRING BREAK DREAMS. With just a few days until break, students would love to head to the beach or have fun at the amusement park or bowling alley.

Students turn in the last major grade of the quarter. They scramble to finish their assignments before the grading period deadline. They sigh as they complete their last test because they know a time of rest is just up ahead. A time when the students’ time is their own and they can let go of the weight they have on their shoulders. This is spring break.

Spring Break will begin on Friday at 1:30 P.M. as students are released from school. This is an eight-day period when students and staff are given the opportunity to do something other than their daily school and work routine. 

“My birthday is over spring break,” senior Misael De Los Reyes said. “I’m planning on visiting Chicago and using that time to visit a potential college that I might go to. I’m looking forward to taking time to relax and time off from school.” 

Students will have more time for themselves and their loved ones as they are not swamped with schoolwork or extracurriculars. 

“I’m going to mostly be hanging out with my family, but I’m going to be hanging out with my friends as well,” sophomore Spencer Bright said. “I don’t really have a big plan.” 

While some students are taking time off from the hustle and bustle of daily life, others are using the extra time to get things done in preparation for upcoming events. 

“I’ll be working with my animals because it’s close to the country fair,” junior Lily Martinez said. “I’m running for fair queen. I have to memorize speeches and exercise my animals.” 

Some will have a packed week rather than relaxing at home. The band will be going to Disney in Orlando, FL for competition, fun and bonding.

“We’ve known about the trip since the beginning of the year,” junior Samantha Pluff said. “We will be there for four days. I’m excited to go on the rides.” 

Band members are not the only ones going on a trip full of thrill rides. Other students have plans as well. 

“I do have plans with my boyfriend and his friend, like a double date,” senior Helen Reyes said. “We’re going to go to Six Flags. I’ve never been to Six Flags, but I do like roller coasters.” 

While many stay local for their time of relaxation, others plan to go on adventures they otherwise could not experience while school is in session. 

“My mother and I are heading to California to watch the Indian Wells Masters Tennis Tournament,” senior Macey Conatser said. “As a tennis player myself, I am super excited to get the chance to see the professionals practice and compete.”