World’s biggest rodeo entertains with music, food, competition


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RODEOHOUSTON. The line up for entertainers is a varied as the people of Houston.

Bright lights filled the entire stadium as the cowboy started strumming his guitar. As local country-star Cody Johnson kicks off the rodeo as the voice of the rodeo, his new song’s lyrics echo off the chutes and stands of the stadium. 

Welcome to the Show 

Welcome to the home 

of the world’s biggest rodeo.

Where the stars light up the night

Underneath that Texas sky

Welcome to the show

The Houston Livestock and Rodeo started on Feb. 28 and will continue through spring break. Carnival rides, delicious food, rodeo and show-stopping concerts take place at NRG Stadium

“You try new foods and experience new things,” senior Zach Rogers said. “It’s better to get out and try something new than staying around here.” 

Some people go to several shows to get the whole rodeo experience. Rogers has gone to three so far and is planning to attend two more must-see shows.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Stapleton,” Rogers said. “I really like his songs, and I’ve never seen him before.”

The rodeo isn’t just about entertainment. Many people go to eat the award-winning food. 

“My favorite part of the rodeo is the food,” math teacher Jennifer Mitchell said. “My kids and I get the roasted corn every year, and we only get it at the rodeo.”

Many students go to the rodeo to show their animals. It gives them a chance to win money and experience for college. 

“I go mostly to show my heifer, but it’s a fun experience all around,” junior Briley Tucker said. “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication taking care of the animals.” 

The rodeo life and experience is not for everyone. Some students do not have plans to attend any of the events surrounding the rodeo and livestock show.

“I’m not really from here so it’s not really my thing,” senior Gabriel Benitez said. “Going to the concerts though would probably be fun.” 

Many people do not go to the rodeo because of how expensive it can cost. It can get really expensive after adding up everything like the concert, carnival and food.

“Tickets to both the concert as well as the carnival are ridiculous,” English teacher Meaghan Tannehill said. “Over the past 5-10 years, I could not imagine a regular single parent or couple taking their 2-3 children to this event.”  

The traditions of the rodeo mean a lot to the city of Houston. From the trail rides to the barbecue cook-off to the scholarships given to seniors across the area, the rodeo is part of the heritage of the city of Houston and surrounding counties.

“The rodeo is in the heart of a metropolitan city,” Tannehill said. “I understand that there is heritage and a tradition to uphold, but it has become a commercial event.”

Many people look forward to going to experience the rodeo. They want to take the opportunity to try something new. 

“I never had the chance to go to the rodeo,” senior Michael Poole said. “I am excited to finally go to experience something new.” 

Depending on where the seats are, tickets can range to under $10 to over $2000. The performers on the star stage can be seen from the big screen.

“I think it’s worth the money because it’s a good price for a concert, especially since anywhere else would most likely be doubled the price,” senior Kali Hooks said. “Anywhere you get to sit, they are going to be great seats.” 

Many performers go all out to make their show memorable. They make specific songs to help hype up the crowd. 

“Cody Johnson is by far the best performer,” Rogers said. “He had the best setlist, and he makes songs specifically for the rodeo.”