More than the average cookie, Crumbl offers ‘perfection’


photo or infographic by Cenia Moreira

COOKIE COMOTION. new cookie bakery in town, Crumbl offers new flavors every week.

Sweet, sweet smells fill the air as Conroe welcomes the Crumbl Cookie Company and their amazing selection of cookies. With hard workers baking cookies in the back and incredibly nice people running the register, this place is bound to be successful. You walk in, order your cookies, wait a very short amount of time for the cookies to be presented to you in a perfect pink box.

The Crumbl Cookie Company started in Logan, Utah in 2017 but spread very quickly around the United States. There are over 400 stores with 23 in Texas alone. They are mostly known for their amazing cookies, but they are also known for their creative flavors that change every week. Crumbl cookie has two original flavors, that is Classic Pink Sugar, which is just a simple sugar cookie with pink frosting, and Milk Chocolate chip, which is a simple chocolate chip cookie. Then there are four flavors that change every week. They also sell cookie cutters, water bottles, and can cater any event. 

The cookies are three to four dollars a cookie, but if you get them in a box of six, they could be fifteen dollars, and of course the price varies for each amount of cookies that you are going to buy. I believe that these cookies are at a decent price for their customers. When I went, the cookies were chocolate chip, pink classical sugar, Reese’s pieces, German chocolate, cookie monster and Nutella. When I first tried the two classics, classical pink sugar and chocolate chip, I thought that Crumbl was the most overrated bakery ever. Then I continued to try the other cookies such as German chocolate and it was not my favorite. I am also not a fan of chocolate so that does not help much. But then I tried the Cookie Monster and Nutella, it was the best thing I had ever tasted. It was fluffy, full of flavor, the frosting was smooth and it was as if I was eating perfection.

I would recommend everyone to try Crumbl Cookies because they have a variety of flavors. The creativity of also being able to create new flavors weekly is amazing. The nearest Crumbl is in Conroe on Loop 336S by Torchy’s. They are open from 8AM to 10PM Monday – Friday. Saturdays their hours are a little longer, 8AM – midnight. The store is closed on Sunday.