Memorable senior year on the horizon

Class of 2023 gets special twist to tradition


photo or infographic by Reid Henderson

BUBBLE TIME. During the Senior Sunrise, seniors Nicole Hathaway and Cameron Crawford take time for bubbles before class started on Friday. Bubbles were included in the senior swag bags given to all seniors.

ALL TOGETHER. Members of the senior class join together for a picture. at senior sunrise. (photo or infographic by Juan Meza Chavez)

On a warm cloudy morning of the first week of school, the Class of 2023 gathered on the auxiliary field to congregate and socialize for a tradition that was not lost this year. The seniors lay down their blankets while the dew is slowly burned off the turf of the football field. As the sun rises from the east, a bittersweet feeling looms in the air. 

The annual Senior Sunrise last Friday was a huge success for the faculty and the seniors. Spirits were high, but with a drawback as many realized it was an event that was dedicated to them because their time in high school would be ending soon. 

SENIOR SMILES. Using the sign inspired by the Senior Sunrise t-shirts as a backdrop, senior Saoirse Gallagher captures the first of many senior memories. (photo or infographic by Reid Henderson)

“During senior sunrise I realized that this would be the first of many ‘lasts’ this year,” senior Cameron Crawford said.  “It has made me really cherish the time I’ve had. I hope all my classmates go on to have prosperous lives when we all eventually graduate.”

In the past, Senior Sunrise was an uncoordinated event in which the students just went out into the parking lot and took pictures, but this year, the faculty had a plan. 

“It was a memorable event that made me realize things are ending soon,” senior Payton Alberts said. “While it may have been a sad event for that reason it still filled me with hope as I look to a year that will never be forgotten.”

This year, the seniors started by gathering on the football field to collect their goody-bags and food and expected to just be alone with their friends but there were mixed feelings about how people perceived the administration’s role. 

WILDKATS NEVER DIE. Ending with the school song, seniors Wendi Livingston, Brittany Ramirez. Yabi Paulino and Ivy Nguyen raise their fingers to show school spirt. (photo or infographic by Reid Henderson)

“I didn’t really get to watch the sunrise because I felt like administration was around the whole time, but I definitely appreciated the goodie page we received and even more so the good food provided,” senior Reymen Mariscal said. 

Other students had a lot of fun with the time they had. 

“Senior sunrise was definitely an unforgettable time as everyone was smiling in the moment even as it was so early,” senior Abbie Tullis said. “Personally I was excited because I felt like the last few years it wasn’t a big deal but this year they made it into something special. I’d definitely recommend it for future classes and I’m hoping for a great senior year!”