Community joins together to Meet the Kats

Rumble. Roar. Run.  The teams take the field at Berton A. Yates Stadium as they run through the giant W to the cheers of the crowd.  From tennis to baseball, the athletes and clubs who spend countless hours working hard to represent the school and community. 

Meet the Kats is a tradition as strong as linking pinkies and Fire Up the Kats. It gives the community a chance to see all the students who will represent the Wildkats through the year. Rather than just focusing on fall sports like years past, the event featured all teams at the event on August 5th. 

Getting a glimpse of the future spotlight at home games was an unforgettable experience at Meet the Kats. For members of the football team, it was just a small preview of the excitement of Friday Night Lights. 

“Meet the Kats was super exciting,” junior Brock Perry said. “Getting to see all the fans got the team and I pumped up for our upcoming Friday night games. Meet the Kats had a big turn out with the crowd and all the athletes ready to play their sports.” 

Bringing student life together and creating a positive atmosphere produces a positive program. 

“Meet the Kats was honestly the event that made the team excited for this upcoming season,” junior Kaley Hall said. “This event was definitely a great representation of school spirit and building a culture for all of the athletic programs, making them more fun.” 

Meeting new teammates generates a strong, positive team spirit. 

“I was most excited for everyone to see the new volleyball teams for this season,” senior Taylor Hayes said. “Starting off this season fresh, I wasn’t expecting to do any of the things we did at Meet the Kats; I met my track coach’s son and got to run with him on the field.”