Cosmo course doesn’t cut corners

CTE course prepares students for professional career.


photo or infographic by courtesy of WHS Cosmo

PRACTICING HER CRAFT. Working on getting the cut just right, junior Jemya Bonner cuts the hair of her client, Mrs. Roberts.

Snip. Snip. Snip. As the scissors seem to glide through the hair, the client’s entire look is transformed into something new. Something unique. In the Cosmetology course, students are given the opportunity to practice on real people and earn their license. 

Cosmetology started $10-15 haircuts last week. Haircuts can be made through appointment.

For students in Cosmetology, clients from both students and staff provide the chance for cosmetology students to cut hair for paying customers.

TAKING INVENTORY. New cosmo teacher Emily Berrigan goes through the storage closet preparing for her class. After being enrolled in cosmo classes for several years, students will be prepared to take the board exam to become a certified cosmetologist. (photo or infographic by Jason Clark)

“We have already started learning about men’s cuts to broaden our skills,” senior Takyah Mathis said.  “Guys are always welcome in the salon as we have professionals with us at all times. We love to bring in everyone.”

As time goes on, the students learn about more advanced techniques that they then practice over the course of the year.

“It’s definitely been a lead up for our more advanced students to start hands on the second week,” Cosmetology teacher Carla Hernandez said. “Intro to cosmetology we still all hit those hard skills that we hit every single year in the beginning, and then they slowly get into where they need to be.”

Throughout the year, students in the course learn different parts of the wider field of cosmetology.

“I feel like cosmetology is a good gateway to get into any field in this realm, as the learning pathway is very broad,” senior Alyssa Lovejoy said.

MANNEQUINS READY. As part of class, students practice on mannequins before practicing on their family and friends. (photo or infographic by Jason Clark)

One essential part of the business that cosmo students have to learn is how to market themselves in order to draw in clients and grow their business.

“They’re being trained to market themselves,” Hernandez said. “They have to find their own clients. One way to do that is through word of mouth.”

Cosmetology is an essential pathway for students who want to advance as quickly as possible into a paying job after high school.

“This has been a great opportunity for me to grow my knowledge and have a well paying job straight out of high school,” senior Cooper Rhodes said. “We can do everything a salon can do and better.”