Time to show Wildkat spirit


Tomorrow is the first dress up for this school year. It is time to dig out the Hawaii shirts, Disney ears and Bermuda shorts to be the best Tacky Tourist possible.

School spirit days should be something that everybody participates in. It’s tacky, but that’s the whole point of it. Everyone can get a good laugh out of it with all of the funny and tacky costumes. For students taking advanced classes with a super big workload, it could be just what they need to get a heavy load of stress off of their back.

School spirit is something that brings the Wildkat community together. It is a great way to show support the football team on Fridays, but there are way more ways to show school spirit. Homecoming week is a week full of themed dress-up days, Red Ribbon Week is a great way to support a drug-free life by dressing up and there are always some days and weeks littered in the school year to advocate school spirit.

It is hard to believe that people think that the school is trying to shove school spirit down students’ throats. It is not required to participate in spirit days, but we should be proud of the school that we attend. Dress-up days are something to help put students in a better mood when the homework piles up and the light at the end of the tunnel starts to burn out. It s not necessary to go out and spend a bunch of money on the best school spirit outfit. 

With the new rules and the crowded hallways, everybody is looking to relieve some stress. Participating in the funny, tacky dress-up days is a fun campus-wide activity that puts a smile on everybody’s face. Throw on some sunglasses and put some sunscreen on your nose. Maybe even find that flowery shirt in your closet and make some memories with your friends in your tacky tourist attire on Friday.