Choir kicks off year with ice cream social, football game performance


photo or infographic by Gracie Brumlow

REMEMBERING THE GLORY DAYS. Members of the choir leadership team recreate the dance moves from last year’s spring show.

When most people think of choir, they think of formal attire and fancy singing. But for many people, choir is much more than standing in front of the audience. It is about the relationships with others in the program. For many, the word choir means family. 

ICE CREAM SMILES. At the event, choir members enjoyed a tasty treat and bonded with members of other choir classes.
(photo or infographic by Gracie Brumlow)

The group hosted an Ice Cream Social on Tuesday to welcome new members to their family. They will also sing before the first home football game tonight to kick of their year of fun and performances.

“I’m kinda really scared for it, but at the same time I’m super excited, cause it’s gonna be the first, sort of conert that we get to do, at the football game,” freshman Echo Mugrage said. “We’ve spent like two weeks practicing it. It’s really fun seeing how they teach us here.” 

Even though Mugrage  and the other freshman are new to the campus, they feel right at home in the choir room. 

“Honestly, being in it since a really young age in elementary, it really is like a family,” Echo said. “It gets kind of awkward in the first weeks, but after that it does become family, and it’s probably one of the best families I’ve ever had.”

Even students who are new to the program feel at home. 

SPRINKLES AND ALL. The ice cream social is a tradition in the Wildkat Choir program. Members enjoy sundaes and newcomers sign in “Our House” hanging. (photo or infographic by Gracie Brumlow)

“This is my first year in it, but a lot of people are really involved, and I like that,” junior Sypher East said. 

As a method to introduce the new faces to the rest of the program, choir directors Laurelyn Korfhage and Chelsea Jimenez hosted the social with their student leaders.

“I got to socialize a lot, and I like how they make everyone feel like they’re included,” Sypher said. “Everyone felt like they belonged there.” 

After the students were served by the leadership team, all newcomers took part in a welcoming ritual, where they signed their names to posters, making them an official member of choir. 

“My favorite part of it was probably whenever the new people to the high school, got to go up and sign the ‘Our House’ board, and everyone would cheer and clap, and welcome us to life,” Echo said. 

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST. Adding the final touches to her sundae, a choir member knows the whipped cream is the best part.
(photo or infographic by Gracie Brumlow)

The afternoon was not just about ice cream. There was also singing and dancing. Students from previous years recreated their performance of “We Don’t talk about Bruno” from the last pop show for the rest of the attendees. Korfhage also lead students in a line dance to Footloose. 

Choir is the way for many students to find and express themselves. The football game is very much what the program is ready for. 

“I’m a little nervous, but at the same time excited,” Sypher said. “It’s gonna be good for me because it’ll help me get out of my shell, and it’s my first choir performance in WISD.”