Friday night lights return against Rudder Rangers with new rules for Yates Stadium


Friday. Night. Lights.

As the first home game in Yates stadium approaches, the Wildkats are preparing for the night as well as the crowds preparing for the new rules set in place this Friday, August 26, 2022. With the rules and regulations taking place the fan support has to adjust from what they have been used to in the years past.

Fans need to know that when entering the stadium they have to have clear bags, already paid online for their tickets and have to pass through the new metal detectors that await at the front gate. These rules are in place to ensure the safety and security of not just the fans, but the players, coaches, trainers, band members, sweethearts, cheerleaders and supervisors. 

According to the district website new safety precautions are in place for the first game. 

“A clear bag policy will be implemented this year at all sporting events and district events at any location,” the website said. “Metal detectors will be installed at Yates Stadium in time for the first football game.” 

The new rules and regulations put in place give quite a bit of controversy regarding the power implemented by them amongst the students. 

“I am so excited for Friday night lights,” senior yell leader Emily Alexander said. “I think the rules amongst the school and Yates are meant for our safety and protection; and I agree that they are there to help, I only disagree with these rules when the teachers or admin abuse their power over them.”

Fans filling up the stands and new stadium rules will be put in place at Friday’s game. 

“I am excited to see the fans and the crowd at this Friday’s game,” senior Macin Connell said. “I think the stadium rules make sense because they’re just trying to keep us safe. However, I don’t agree with the clear bag policy because people don’t want their personal belongings being shown.”